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Honda Starter 31200-ZJ1-842 for K1 Commercial Engines OEM Part

Magnetizer Water Conditioner (one pair) [RWC-B]

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Part Number: RWC-B
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Magnetizer Water Conditioner (one pair) [RWC-B]
Steambrite's Misc Items - Magnetizer Water Conditioner (one pair) [RWC-B].
If you can find a lower advertised price on the Magnetizer Water Conditioner (one pair) [RWC-B] - RWC-B, contact us at 210-662-9000,
and we will beat their price! Guaranteed!

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Add a Magnetizer water conditioner to your TruckMount, in line Heater, or Volcano 6000 Heater and never need to descale your equipment again! Simply cable tie around the hose just before the heater and you're set. Truck mount units need to have one unit strapped around the hose before each heat exchanger, so you might need to purchase more than one. They never wear out and last a lifetime! I know first hand these really work. I had a customer break a truck mount heater coil, and when I removed the coil to have it serviced, there were no mineral deposits inside the coil at all. The inside of the tubing looked brand new! The price of professionally de-scaling the truckmount one time is the same price of purchasing one unit. A great value.  Made from south pole magnets that allign the 

Finally there is a non-chemical way to treat the water in your home and get all the benefits and characteristics of soft water. Until now, if you had hard water problems, you had to buy or rent a costly salt ion-exchange softener or replace your plumbing and water heater periodically. Now there is the Magnetizer Whole House Hard Water Conditioner (HHC). In many ways the Magnetizer is better than a water softener.

The Magnetizer Residential Hard Water Conditioner has been proven to produce chemical free, salt free, and healthy answer to your hard water problems. The Magnetizer accomplishes this by magnetically dissolving the existing scale in your water heater and plumbing system is magnetically dissolved in the water. The result: an appreciable saving in energy and money.

The United States Government reports that consumers save a minimum of 48% of their energy dollars with the elimination of 3/8 of an inch or more of mineral scale build-up. A family of four can save up to $750.00 per year with the removal of this costly, pipe-clogging mineral scale.

The Magnetizer also creates de-gasification which decreases the taste and smell of chlorine. The hardness of the water is not reduced it is controlled and gives the effect of softer water. Soap lathers effortlessly, clothes wash cleaner. Bathing feels fresher and hair is softer and silkier. This is the best solution for humans and the environment. Just think of the effect of dumping all that salt into ground. 

The Magnetizer is easy to install - it simply straps on. There are no moving parts which could wear out plus it requires no external power.

Magnetizer is the global leader of the natural water conditioning industry. Magnetizer is currently improving the quality of water in 100 countries.

As water molecules pass by the powerful, highly focused magnetic field,  two things happen: molecules are polarized (organized) and the water takes on a net positive (+) charge. This physically changes the water's molecular structure. The result is soft water characteristics with dissolved minerals. Your plumbing and water appliances remain in pristine condition.

Other Hard Water Magnetizer Benefits 

Personal hygiene
While your water will still be technically hard, it will have the effect of being soft. Many people comment that not only does their hair feel silkier, but it has become more manageable. Skin becomes hydrated and feels softer and less dry.
Magnetized water requires less detergent and softeners. Your laundry will be brighter, cleaner, softer and without a soap residue.
Water tastes and smells better
Users indicate that Magnetizer water tastes and smells better. Unpleasant chlorine or sulphur (hydrogen sulphide) odors are dramatically reduced.
Kitchens and bathrooms
Hard water scale and acid stains cause dishes, fixtures, sinks, tubs and toilets to look unsightly. The Magnetizer will dissolve and eliminate the scale and reduce acid stains. Your kitchen and bathroom will look brand new.
When used with water filters
Tests show that the Magnetizer system maximizes filter efficiency dramatically. Filters will remove greater amounts of toxins. They will also last longer as carbonate clogging will not occur.

 That model number is RWC-B for a single application consisting of 2 pieces.  Each piece is a 4000 guass, (strength) mono-pole magnet that straps around the pipe.  Mono-pole means it only imparts the south pole energy of the magnetic flux into the water stream.  The south pole is the positive polarity side of the magnet.  It can not be installed wrong.  The positive polarity increases the solubility of the water molecule and holds calcium in suspension.  

Magnetizer Water Conditioner (one pair) [RWC-B]
Steambrite's Misc Items - Magnetizer Water Conditioner (one pair) [RWC-B] is .
If you can find a lower advertised price on the Magnetizer Water Conditioner (one pair) [RWC-B] - RWC-B,contact us at 210-662-9000,
and we will beat their price! Guaranteed!

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This product was added to our store on Sunday 06 February, 2005.
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Steambrite will ship the Magnetizer Water Conditioner (one pair) [RWC-B] by either Fedex or Freight Quote, and are normally shipped within 1-10 working days. Please remember it takes 6-8 working days for you to receive your order after shipment, and ground shipping times are not guaranteed. Next day and two day service are available. Click here for our full shipping policy. Specifications subject to change without notice.
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